A 9-year-old New Hartford boy's quick thinking saved his Dad from a medical emergency.

The Mullin family has been staying at home during the coronavirus crisis. Dad Steve is an essential worker, while Nina, their mom has been home with their children, Quinn, and Burke.

Steve has Type I diabetes, and sometimes his blood sugars aren't entirely under control, leading to some scary situations. That's exactly what happened Monday night.

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Nina explains the situation. "Steve slept with Burke (Monday) night and in the middle of the night Burkie woke up and felt Steve was all sweaty (a sign of low blood sugar). (Burke) got up and got (Steve's) testing kit, tested Steve and he was at 35."

A blood sugar of 35 is dangerously low, and, if left untreated, can lead to seizures, coma, and even death.

Credit: Nina Mullin
Credit: Nina Mullin

Nina continues. "(Burke) went downstairs and got him OJ that he put a teaspoon of sugar in, and had him drink it. He then told him he should eat some thing. (Burke) went downstairs and made him a peanut butter sandwich. He had him eat it and then told him he should probably have another one . He cleaned up his mess in the kitchen then woke me up to tell me what happened! This kid is my hero!!"

Nina says she did tell Burke to wake her immediately the next time something like this happened.

It's incredible that Burke was able to keep his cool, and do all the right things to take care of his dad in a very serious situation. You're amazing, Burke.

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