A mystery employee at a Central New York Walmart went above and beyond to help a customer in need.

Raylene Lubey says she was shopping at the North Utica Walmart on a fruitless search for hand sanitizer, which she desperately needed. Like most stores in Central New York, there was none to be found.

Raylene says she asked a worker where she could find some. "She looked a few different places but could not find any. She said she had about 200 small bottles at home...we laughed."

Raylene says she continued shopping and when she was checking out, something amazing happened. "She comes running up to us with 3 little bottles (of hand sanitizer) she found in her locker and wanted us to have." Raylene says she is so grateful. "Who does that?"

We don't know who this mystery Walmart employee is, but thank you for being an 'everyday hero' in the midst of a crisis.

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