Cancer survivor Kathi Tamer is giving back in a big way, but for those that know her, it's no surprise - it's what she's always done.

Kathi Tamer, from Utica, is a tough cookie - she's battled cancer and won. That battle has made her even more aware of how tough things can get for others, too. Kathi has been giving back as long as there's been a need. Her niece, Joann Saba-Hall, tells it this way:

For as far back as I can remember, Kathi has actively served our country in times of need. During Dessert Storm, she organized care packages for military, after 9/11, she was supporting first responders, and now, she's been making masks around the clock.

Kathi is retired, and lives on a fixed income, but that hasn't stopped her from making and shipping out 500 masks - and she's still going strong. Joann says "Her days and weeks are filled with this charge. For every request that is fulfilled, she receives 4 more requests."

Credit: Joann Saba-Hall
Credit: Joann Saba-Hall


Kathi won't take a dime for the masks, she does it to "pay forward" all the kindness she's seen in her life.

All of this just makes Kathi one of our "Everyday Heroes".

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