Old Navy ads have always been heavy on the nostalgia. But in their latest campaign, the clothing chain is going full-on TV reunion by bringing together some of your favorite characters from the seminal ’90s drama ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’

In the first spot, Jennie Garth (Kelly) is a teacher wearing stylish $19 jeans. She is being courted by both Jason Priestley (Brandon) and Luke Perry (Dylan). Who will she choose?

She chooses the jeans? Bogus! We were pulling for Dylan, seeing that Perry is still keeping it real with those sideburns.

The second spot again features Priestley but this time with Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea).

So it turns out Andrea and Brandon both became teachers at the same elementary school and Andrea still has a crush on Brandon. Just like you thought it would happen, right?

It’s all pretty cute and clever, but what this ad campaign really needs is some Shannen Doherty. We can’t imagine she has anything better to do.

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