If someone leaves you a note on your vehicle's windshield, beware. A little caution could save your life.

It's sad we have to be extra aware of our surroundings at all times these days. In this "98 Seconds" video, we have a warning about notes being left on your car. If you get one, just be careful. Be aware of your surroundings and what the note is before you take action.

This scheme has been going on for years, but it seems to be coming back around. Someone will leave a note on your windshield saying your back tire is low or flat. You see the note, get out and check, and that's their time to strike. Whether they do it to kidnap you, rob you, or even carjack you, it's something NOT to be taken lightly.

So what do you do if you get a note like this? Well, in the video (at the top of this page), I explain that a friend of mine actually received this note on her car. She saw it, heard about the trick years ago, and decided to risk it and drive on the "supposedly" flat tire. She went to a gas station down the road and checked her tires...

They were all fine.

Now, we're not telling you this to give you another thing to worry about or make you paranoid. This is just a reminder to ALWAYS be aware of surroundings. The chances of this happening are very small, but it's better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to damage their car, but it's not worth risking your life.




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