Do you have a 'community refrigerator' in your office or at your job? What kind of condition is it in? That's our topic for this week's '98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn' video...

I could tell you all about our fridge at the radio station, but I figured I would show you instead. And that's what you'll see in this edition of "98 Seconds" (at the top of this page). Granted, our refrigerator has recently been clean. And when I say recently, I mean, probably within the last 4 months or so - You should have seen it before that!! Blachhhh, it was SO gross.

Now, it's not awful, but it's getting harder and harder to put my food in the fridge. As you can see from the video (at the top of this page), there's sticky spots, and things "growing" in there. Just the stickiness and spots on the door handles should be a warning. But there's condiments and other things in the door that have been there since I started working. And there's a smell. That's the worst. The whole thing needs to be taken a part and cleaned.

By this time you've probably realized, "If she's so grossed out and tired of it, why doesn't she just clean it herself?" And you would be making a GREAT point. I should, instead of making a big deal about it on the internet and YouTube... But where's the fun in that??

Actually, the whole point of this story and video was to get a conversation started. I want to know where you stand - Would you put your food in this fridge, even if it smelled bad? Is the fridge at your work worse, and you think I'm being a baby? Where do you draw the line on how "bad" a fridge can get? Let us know by leaving us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page - We would love to hear your opinion.




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