There is a gadget out there called "bug-a-salt" that is supposed to kill flies, but does it really work? Naomi Lynn tests it out in this "98 Seconds" video.

It's called "Bug-A-Salt" and it looks like a Nerf Gun. You pump the device, take the safety off, and pull the trigger. This shoots salt out of it. That's right, salt. That's what (is supposed) to kill the fly, but it leaves the bug whole so it's easy to clean up (compared to hitting them with a fly-swatter).

Naomi Lynn took this device for a test run to find out if it really worked or not. Unfortunately, the hardest part was finding flies. We know what you're thinking, "There's always flies everywhere, how could you not find any?" But it seems like when you want to find the little buggers, they go hiding.

Naomi did find one "fly" to test it out on, but we don't think it counts. Watch the video (at the top of this page) to see her 'kill.'

The results?

...Inconclusive. If you want to know for sure whether this device really works, we suggest you get one and test it out for yourself. It will probably be better anyways, because you can read the instructions and know how to use it correctly - Unlike Naomi who finds things around the studio and decides she needs to figure them out.

You can get more information on "Bug-A-Salt" by checking out their website here.

Good Luck!



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