If you've ever wondered whether paying more for chocolate is worth it or not, there's an easy way to test the sweets... And still enjoy them, of course.

In this "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn Video," I show you a simple way you can test out the quality of the chocolate you buy. And this "testing" doesn't have to do with melting the chocolate or messing it up in any way, you still get to enjoy it after you test it. The only catch is, you're going to have to buy the chocolate first, to test its quality (so if it's expensive but low quality, you would have already spent the money. But at least you know not to buy that kind again).

First of all, I want to thank Business Insider UK's Facebook video, which inspired this video. It showed a chocolate expert giving tips on how to test out the quality of chocolate. I just tested out his theory, and was surprised at how easy it was. Seriously, with this tip, ANYONE can seem like a chocolate expert, and know whether they got a good buy or ripped off on their chocolate purchase.

Alright, so in the video (at the top of this page), you'll see the chocolate-testing tip from Angus Kennedy (the chocolate expert from Business Insider UK's Facebook video). Kennedy stated that you have to pay attention to the sound chocolate makes when you break it apart. If it clicks (and is quiet), it's going to be lower-quality. If it makes a "snap" sound, it's higher quality.

In the video from Business Insider UK, Kennedy mentions that the "snap" sound is because higher-quality chocolate sets harder (and doesn't melt as easy), and it also has less sugar. Just one more reason to go for that higher-quality chocolate, am I right?!

So the next time you buy some chocolate (or someone gives you chocolate), you can easily know whether it's high quality or low quality. And let's be honest, even if it is lower-quality, it's still chocolate. And it's still delicious. So enjoy!




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