There's a lot of information and facts that get shared on social media that aren't actually true. How do we stop it? Well, one TV show may be able to help.

You've probably seen it all over Facebook, Twitter, and social media. People continue to spread fake stories and "news updates" that aren't real. Some of it is harmless like a random fact that isn't actually true, but some of it is just ridiculous. Well, for this "98 Seconds Video," Naomi Lynn has a solution.

It's not a fool-proof solution, and it won't make everyone start double-checking facts, but it is a start. Basically, people need to educate themselves when it comes to... well, everything. But the problem is we just share, share, share without looking into it.

There's a TV show out that gives you the facts. They share the information and tell you where they're getting it from. It's an entertaining show, but there's truth behind it. And it covers a variety of subjects from the truth behind online dating (and their "algorithms") to dieting and counting calories. Naomi is talking about "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTV.

Now, watching a TV show and just picking up the information only gets you so far. Naomi explains in the video at the top of this page, that she's hoping (or more like dreaming), that it will help get people thinking. Maybe people will start questioning the "facts" they just read or heard, enough to look it up. Is the information coming from a reliable source or is it just something someone else heard from a friend?

Again, it's not fool-proof, but in a world of share, share, share, with no thought, maybe this could teach a generation of people to start double-checking what they heard or read. There's a lot of fake "information" out there, and it needs to stop being spread around as if it's the truth.




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