When you do a lot of video shooting, you're bound to make mistakes. We happen to make a lot of them. These are just some of the bloopers and mistakes we had from shooting our 'Get Organized' segments with Deb Cabral.

A few weeks ago, we brought you "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn: Mistakes and Bloopers from Our Get Organized Segments." This is part two of that video. Deb Cabral and I did a LOT of video shooting, sometimes late in the afternoon after a long day, sometimes early in the morning before either one of us had really started our day. These are the perfect situations for those tongue-tied moments, cases of "the giggles," getting distracted or forgetting what we're doing, and just being silly...

And that's exactly what happened.

Just check out the video at the top of this page. It starts with me asking Deb Cabral if she would like me to start (the video), and she says "yes." But I just stand there, going "uhhhhhhhhhh." That's when you know a video is off to a great start! There's also issues with our microphones in one of the videos (actually, I couldn't tell if the mics were on or off and ended up shutting them off), and us getting distracted by something floating across the ground. We even made a few jokes about one of our sales reps in the video (all in good fun, though).

I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope it made you laugh. Or at least got you to smile. And I want to thank Deb Cabral for being a good sport and having fun with us while we shot these videos. You can check out the actual "Get Organized Segments" (mistakes not included), at the link below:





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