The letters M and F, for male and female, may soon be joined by X on birth certificates in New York City, and could eventually spread to the rest of the Empire State, including Central New York.

In Manhattan discussions are underway, led by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson to adopt a measure allowing people born in New York City to choose X over either M or F on their birth certificates. Public hearings on the matter are set to take place later in June, and voting on a measure could occur by September.

Parents of newborns can already choose not to identify their child's gender. This new change would also apply to adults born in New York who wish to remain gender-neutral.

This initiative is viewed by its proponents as a win for the LGBTQ community and would be supportive of more fair social practices in the workplace and beyond.

California, Oregon and Washington currently have laws allowing for an X designation on birth certificates, while Washington, D.C. permits it on driver's licenses.

The honorific titles Mx. and Ind. (Individual) have also risen in popularity in recent years as transgender people sought their own titles outside of the traditional Mr., Mrs., or Miss designations. Do you know an "X" or maybe a Mx. or an Ind.?


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