This is pretty big news in regards to driver's licenses in New York State.

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According to WKBW, the New York State Senate and Assembly have passed a bill to end the suspension of driver's licenses based on the failure to traffic tickets, along with additional fines.

The state legislation has created a new "payment plan" system for drivers.

The new bill is part of a push to change policies that unfairly impact low-income families and minorities.

“Through this bill, we’re not only lifting the suspensions tied to unpaid traffic fines, but we’re creating a system for New Yorkers to pay these fees efficiently and without fear of losing a job, missing a rent payment, or forfeiting an education due to personal and financial challenges,” said Senator Tim Kennedy.

Over 1.6 million driver’s license suspensions related to traffic debt were issued over a recent 28-month period, according to the Driven by Justice Coalition.

To read more information, visit WKBW.

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