Whether it's needed or not, New York's driver licenses and non-driver ID's are getting a makeover this year.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles says they are beginning to issue new drivers license, permit and non-driver ID cards with new features. The DMV says these changes are designed to include upgraded security features.

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

Anyone who applies for a new card or renews their existing identification will receive the newly updated card. The new security features will help better verify the card's authenticity and help prevent any future tampering and counterfeit.

At the DMV, we pride ourselves on providing secure identity documents to millions of New Yorkers and we introduce enhanced features every few years to stay at the cutting edge of emerging trends.

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

So what's different? Several features on the ID can now be verified by touch or simply looking at the card.

  • Text and images are embossed; can be felt.
  • Embedded chip now exposed on Enhanced and Non-Driver Licenses.
  • Clear windows and state seal are redesigned.
    • By viewing it at another angle, it displays the birth month and year.

The last time the DMV issued a new design was back in 2013. These changes included making the card polycarbonate with other designs to prevent card fraud.

Visit the DMV's website for more information.

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