There's going to be a Michael Jackson Halloween TV special airing this fall on CBS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the longtime network and the Estate of Michael Jackson partnered up to create the show, which will follow the main characters Vincent and Victoria, who will be voiced by actors Lucas Till and Kiersey Clemons.

The other actors who've signed on include Luci Liu, Jim Parsons, Brad Garrett, Christine Baranski, George Eads, Alan Cumming, while John McClain and John Branca will be the executive producers.

In regards to the episode's story line, Vincent and Victoria — who are both millennials — meet accidentally on Halloween night at a spooky looking hotel on 777 Jackson Street. From there, the pair, along with Icahbod the dog, experience all types of crazy adventures and there will be some dancing in the show as well.

We first got wind of some upcoming projects from the Estate of Michael Jackson in May when it blasted Lifetime and Netflix for creating shows on MJ without the proper authorization.

"To clear up any confusion or misperceptions about unsanctioned Michael Jackson projects currently in the news —  including a Lifetime television movie and an animated film script recently purchased by Netflix — the Estate of Michael Jackson does not license or permit the use of any rights it owns, including to Michael’s music, images, video and films, for use in unauthorized works seeking to exploit Michael’s legacy," read a statement.

"The estate itself has numerous projects in development, all of which respect, honor and celebrate Michael’s life and legacy along with his extraordinary artistry that touched fans throughout the world. When the executors are ready to announce them, they will. As Michael said countless times about his own work, the quality goes in before the name goes on," the statement concluded.

A little before that letter surfaced, the King of Pop had some hidden lyrics on the song "P.Y.T." decoded through new technology, and in May, Teddy Riley spoke about the influence the late legend had on him.

Plus, MJ's Thriller release was named the highest certified album in U.S. history in February of this year, so his music continues to shine on eight years after his death.

As for the Halloween episode, there hasn't been an air date yet, but we'll be sure to keep you abreast.

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