By now you've heard about the nursing home who's policy of not performing CPR to avoid lawsuits is most likely to get them sued. The Glenwood Gardens Retirement Home is defending the nurse who refused to perform CPR on 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless. Subsequently she passed away.

Back on February 26th, Lorraine collapsed in the dining room at the Glenwood Gardens retirement home in Bakersfield California. Someone called 911, and a nurse, whose name wasn't released, talked with the dispatcher. You'll hear portions of the call when viewing the video from CNN, and you'll be somewhat shocked at her apparent disregard for Lorraine's well being.

According to the Huffington Post; The dispatcher told the nurse she'd have to perform CPR on the woman, or she'd DIE. The nurse said it's against the home's policy for the staff to perform CPR, and she refused to do it. Lorraine Bayless ended up dying by the time paramedics arrived.

And now, Jeffrey Toomer, the executive director of the home, is defending the nurse's decision. Quote,

"Our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait . . . until such personnel arrives."

The policy is in place to prevent lawsuits. This is an independent living community and not a nursing home where medical care is provided. The nurse could've been fired for performing CPR. But is it worth it to watch a person DIE?

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