Urban decay. Places that time forgot. The word "abandoned" is loaded with imagery of nature reclaiming the land. We're taking another look at CharlesTown USA.

Abandoned CNY gives us on an exclusive look around the old factory buildings in East Utica. They got permission to explore the area and took a bunch of great photos. Their Facebook page has lots of other abandoned locations around the area. We will be working on more upcoming adventures with the group.

Brittany DeRosa - Abandoned CNY

It was originally the Savage Arms factory - a military weapons manufacturer in the beginning of the 20th century. After World War II, an early computer company Sperry UNIVAC operated there. But many Central New Yorkers remember shopping at the first "mall" in the area - CharlesTown USA Outlet Mall, developed by Charles Gaetano. The stores were scattered throughout the building, and there were restaurants and recreation areas inside and outside. One interesting fact - part of the building is in Oneida County and part in Herkimer County, so it was always fun figuring out which stores had the lower sales tax.

Brittany DeRosa - Abandoned CNY

The Outlet Mall closed in 1991 and a few other businesses occupied it for a while. It was purchased by a local attorney in 2007 but work was stopped in 2008 due to a problem with permits.

The old factory and outlet mall still has an owner and it is considered TRESPASSING to even walk on the property.