Fans of ABC Family, you're going to have to start remembering to call it a different name. Starting in January of 2016, ABC Family will be renamed Freeform

ABC Family will begin promoting the new branding right away. Maybe start practicing saying "Freeform 25 Days Of Christmas".  According to Deadline, this will be the first time in 27 years that the cable channel won’t have “family” in its name.

Launched in 1977 by Pat Robertson, it was named the CBN Family Channel in 1988 and kept the word in as it went through various ownerships, named The Family ABC Family 1Channel, Fox Family and then ABC Family."

The network considered over 3000 names before settling on Freeform. Executives stress that the new name shows off the fact that the network’s programming is now available on any platform from TV, online, to mobile.

Your shows are all safe, just a different name on the guide.

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