University At Buffalo Top College For Hookups
You always see articles explaining how New York makes lists of most beautiful fall foliage, best state fair, and of course best apples. One list you may not think New York landed on was for college hookups. University At Buffalo came in as the number 2 college in America for hookups.
Facts About the Oscars
The 87th Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, February 22nd. Are you ready for the Oscars? Here's a couple cool facts about the show to get you ready for the big night.
Baldwin Threatens To Quit Acting
Just days after being suspended by MSNBC for his homophobic remarks toward a photographer, Alec Baldwin is making headlines again.  This time,the actor blasts the media, Congress and Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he threatens to quit acting.
Top 3 Adidas Cologne Scents For Men
Are you looking for a way for your man to smell a little better? Are you sick of sweat and old sock smell? Well you can help guide him in the direction of a better smell after reading this. I don’t claim to be the king of great smell, but I always make sure I smell good. Here&CloseCu…
Reports Confirm Broken Hearts Hurt Like Broken Bones
If you’re suffering from the broken heart blues you may claim other than emotionally, it really does hurt. Well if you’re afraid to say anything in the fear of looking crazy don’t panic. According to a new study, your brain processes a broken heart in …