Actor and singer Mark Wahlberg can add something else to his resume.  Wahlberg is now officially a high school graduate.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for HFPA

42-year-old Wahlberg dropped out of high school after ninth grade but was determined some day to finish school and get a high school diploma.  That some day happened over the past year, as Wahlberg took classes online while trying to fit in studying at home, on the set and while traveling for work.  His hard work paid off.  This summer he finally got his high school diploma and can now call himself a graduate.

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Wahlberg wrote about the entire experience, which he called humbling and challenging, and why it was so important.

Investment in education is a no-brainer in promoting personal and career growth and supporting our economic recovery.

I was able to do it because I knew I wasn't alone, that other teens and adults were going through the same thing I was in balancing work and family to better themselves.


Wahlberg, a father of four, wants to make sure other kids get an education too.   So he's teamed up his youth organization with groups such as Taco Bell's Foundation for Teens.

Congratulations Mark Wahlberg.  A perfect example that it's never to late to finish your education