Christina Aguilera has the right kind of voice to belt out a memorable national anthem. Unfortunately, her performance at Super Bowl XLV will be remembered for the wrong reason.

As you’ve probably heard, Aguilera flubbed the anthem, forgetting the lyric "o’er the ramparts we watched."

Aguilera is far from the first person to botch the Star Spangled Banner. Check out last night's flub and seven other singers who made a mess of the anthem on much smaller stages.

Carl Lewis was a great Olympic champion, but a horrible anthem singer.

She may have all the words down, but the folks who told this women she could sing well enough to perform the anthem have played a cruel, cruel joke.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dad absolutely murders the anthem, and does so with the utmost of confidence.

The fact that this singer clearly doesn’t know the lyrics to the anthem is only the second most embarrassing part of her performance.

In this echo-induced duet with himself, Michael Bolton forgets the lyrics.

Yes, Rosanne was trying to be bad, but that really doesn’t make it any better.

Portland Trailblazer coach Maurice Cheeks saves the day when a young singer botches the anthem.

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