What is the age limit to trick or treat in New York State? Are you one of those people that get annoyed when older kids come to your house to trick or treat on Halloween?

You have heard it before when you went to a house to trick or treat before: 'aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating?' someone passing out candy will tell you.

There are some towns and villages that are now LIMITING how old you can be to trick or treat and it's absolutely ridiculous. Who cares? Let them have fun. Yeah, I'm sure some of them run off and don't say thank you, but let kids have fun while they're kids.

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating. In fact, New York State even mentions kids that are 'older' in its guidance about what they should do:

Older, responsible children should review their route with an adult and agree on a time to return home.

Even though there is guidance on when to chaperone your kid, do you think there needs to be a cut-off age to trick or treat?

Did you ever get anything strange when you were out trick or treating? What is something that you have received before that was NOT candy on Halloween? 

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