As we get ready for the America's Got Talent Season 10 - last night of auditions (tonight), here's a recap of the last episode. Oh and by the way, it features a very talented kid from Syracuse!


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    Dance/Light Act

    Enra kicked off the episode of auditions with a beautiful act of dancing and lights. Their pace was a little slower compared to other acts like this, but their precision and detail is what landed them on the list!

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    The Wild West Express

    Acrobatics on Horses

    Now this is something I've never seen on AGT before - a group of performers doing all these crazy balancing stunts and flipping - while riding horses! Oh, and they're kids. Seriously - the oldest kid is 16 and the youngest is 6.

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    Heavenly Joy

    Singer/Tap Dancer

    This should bring back some memories. Just watching this young girl perform... well, it reminded me of Shirley Temple. She had so much spunk, was funny, and just entertaining to watch.

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    Paul Ponce


    This is a new juggling trick I haven't seen - with hats. I loved it! It was a weird talent, unique, but overall very entertaining. He's the kind of person that makes me wonder what else talents and skills he has - I think he can go far (even if some of the judges didn't agree with that).

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    Leo Lytel


    I saved this one for the number one spot for a reason. First off - the kid is from Syracuse. Secondly, he's only 15-years-old. He's got some great jokes (had me cracking up). Sure, he may need to work on his stage delivery a little more, but I see potential. I'll be rooting him in the episodes to come!

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