Leo Lytel is a 15-year-old from Syracuse who got up on the America's Got Talent stage and surprised the audience (and the judges) with his amazing stand-up ability.

There's nothing like being able to root for a New York native - or a Syracuse one for that matter. A big congratulations to Leo Lytel, the 15-year-old who showed you're never too young to take on the big America's Got Talent Stage. And not only take on the stage, but to advance to the next round.

Leo performed during last Tuesday night's show (episode 6 of the season), where he had the audience and the judges cracking up. He has this weird, awkward personality, that just worked so well with his jokes. Yes, he's only 15, but his delivery and his character proved that he could still connect with the audience.


The routine was so well done - it received a 'yes' from each judge - and now he moves on to the next round. For a 15-year-old doing comedy on such a big stage - I wish him the best of luck. He's an inspiration and has so much potential. I'll definitely be rooting for him in the next episodes (and fingers crossed he makes it on to the end - what a way to start off a career in the entertainment biz).



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