ICYMI: America's Got Talent held their result show last night, and seven acts moved on. Some were surprising, others no-brainers, but all together it was an exciting show. Check out the results!

Siro-A from Season 10 of America's Got Talent
Photo by: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment

Last night (Wednesday) AGT held their first 'Results Show' for the quarterfinals. Yesterday I predicted the acts to go through (okay, it was more like what acts I thought should go on, but still). So what acts are moving on? Which ones head home now? Well, below are the seven acts that get to continue their journey on America's Got Talent.

Performers were called to the center of the stage against other acts - with the idea that one would stay, and one would go home. Here's how they set it up:

1 - Piff the Magic Dragon vs. Triple Threat

The winner: Piff the Magic Dragon

2 - Benton Blont vs. Vika Radionova

The winner: Benton Blont

3 - Siro-A vs. Craig and Micheline

The winner: Siro-A

4 - Drew Lynch vs. Showproject vs. Paul Zerdin

See what they did there? Three acts against each other! The winner: Paul Zerdin

5 - Showproject vs. Drew Lynch

Then they took the remaining two acts and pinned them against each other - The winner: Drew Lynch

*For the last two spots AGT did something a little different. The acts that came in 6th, 7th, and 8th place (during the voting last night), were pinned against each other. America could vote while the results show was going on, to save one act. Those three acts were:

The Gentlemen, Samantha Johnson, and Alondra Santos

America voted during the show and Samantha Johnson moved on.

The last two acts - Alondra Santos and The Gentlemen, were then pulled to the front of the stage. The judges got to pick the last act going through, and they picked...

Alondra Santos


It was an exciting night of America's Got Talent. For the most part, I agree with the acts moving on. I was pretty bummed when Samantha Johnson got picked over The Gentlemen, though. Don't get me wrong, the girl can sing so amazingly... I just don't like her personality (maybe I'm wrong, but she just seems like a diva, who is trying to pretend she's not. Don't believe me? Watch anytime they talk about her backstory. It sounds SO staged and fake - I don't like it!). Oh well, I guess that's how the show goes - some I like, some I don't.

I'm ready for next week's episode of America's Got Talent! 12 more acts will perform for their chance to move on to the next round. The show starts at 8pm on NBC.



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