It was another exciting episode of America's Got Talent with 11 acts performing in the hopes of moving on to the finals - only 5 will advance, though. These were the best performances from the night.

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    Mountain Faith Band

    Bluegrass Band

    Every week I'm excited to watch this group perform. They always pick a hot song, and make it sound 'bluegrassy,' which I think is an amazing skill on its own. This week they performed The Weeknd's hot song 'Can't Feel My Face,' and nailed it!

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    Dance and Visual Effects

    I'm very picky about the visual effects combined with the dance groups - they have to do something amazing for me to stay interested (it's the tenth season of America's Got Talent - I've seen a lot of it done before). The one thing I love about this group is you can't tell whether some parts are visual effects, or actually dancers. It really messes with my head, and I love it! They definitely did a great job and deserve to move on.

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    Drew Lynch


    This guy... what can I say? Every week he impresses me - not only is he ridiculously funny, but he's quick! Some of his best stuff is when he goes back and forth with the judges. I really hope this guy moves on - this will probably be the biggest disappointment if he doesn't.

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    The CraigLewis Band


    I'm not big on the singers of America's Got Talent (Go to The Voice, or American Idol, or something), but these guys are just SO entertaining to watch! They sing so well, and they look like they're having so much fun doing it - I think they deserve to be in the semifinals.

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    Oz Pearlman


    How did he do that? Oz Pearlman gets blindfolded and is able to correctly guess the drinks that Howard chooses. It sounds really weird I know, but you just have to watch it for yourself.

    Seriously... you WILL be amazed!

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