Some businesses have top notch marketing people on their end to turn really lame products into something amazing. Look at the Snuggie, How stupid right? People buy them by the dozen though. I wish I knew their tricks, I'd try to be a millionaire. So let's look at another horrible product people will pay top dollars for, the all new Starbucks stained shirt!

We've all had it happen (I tend to have this happen on a daily basis), We've spilled coffee on our shirt. That's not even the worst part, the worst part is we're stuck with the stain all day. Now there's a Starbucks T-shirt that celebrates that dreaded coffee stain.

The coffee-stained T's, designed by Alexander Wang, are available at and select Nordstrom's for 85 bucks. Yep, 85 bucks for a shirt that makes you look like you spilled something on yourself. Fact, you could go down to the Salvation Army and buy a shirt for 2 dollars with the same effect. Hmmm 85 bucks versus 2 bucks....

Would you spend $85 on a stained shirt?