Where do you go if you have an insatiable appetite that can only be satisfied with unlimited pasta? Fortunately for you, several Central New York restaurants offer all you can eat specials. Here's 3 of my favorite places.. 

Whether you're preparing for a road race like the Boilermaker, or need your pasta fix at least once a week, you're in luck! Here's a handful of restaurants where you can eat all the spaghetti you want.

Tom Cavallo's- I've been going here for my Monday night pasta fix for quite some time. Not only is it all you can eat food at a low price, they can prepare your dish in a variety of ways. Sometimes I prefer my noodles with olive oil and garlic, other times I'll opt for the traditional marinara and spaghetti bowl. You can also choose ziti, linguini, or rigatoni. Oh, and their homemade bread is mmm good!

spaghetti with tomato sauce

69 Steakhouse- Do you remember that TV commercial from the 1980's? "Every Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day in Boston. Every Tuesday is spaghetti day at the 69 Steakhouse in Westomoreland, and where else can you eat all you want for $2.99? I've heard the service here is spectacular and people drive for miles just for a taste.

pasta with meatballs and parsley
Nikolay Trubnikov/Thinkstock

Olive Garden- I was hoping to stick to restaurants that are exclusive to Central New York but let's be honest, any restaurant that offers a "Never Ending Pasta Pass" to its patrons is pretty darn cool. Unfortunately, only 1000 of those passes were issued and they sold out in 1 second last year. But even if you weren't fortunate enough to land a pass, you can still order a "Never Ending Pasta Bowl."

Chef Completing Pasta

Here's that classic Prince Spaghetti commerical featuring Anthony.



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