Two active duty members of the United States Army were able to get married over the weekend, thanks to the community stepping up.

Two Military Service Members Get Married in Westmoreland Over the Weekend
Photo Credit: Cristina Rondenelli via Facebook

Ryan Bellinger and Ashley Hawkins are both in the Army, both from Westmoreland, and both in love. The couple actually went to school together for many years, but they weren't ever close. It wasn't until years later when their military work brought them together.

After dating for a year, they decided it was time to make it official - and get married. But with two active members of the Army, you can imagine how hard it would be to pull off a wedding. The couple isn't even stationed in the same area - with Bellinger serving in Germany and Hawkings in Georgia.

However, with the help of some friends and the community, the two were able to tie-the-knot over the weekend.

The reception was held at the Clark Mills American Legion, which the legion donated for free, a friend of Bellinger's mother married the couple, and the cake was made by some of the newlywed's friends. Everyone came together to pull off this wedding, with just a short amount of time to do it.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Check out the video from WKTV on their beautiful wedding ceremony, and how they were able to pull off such an event:




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