Amanda Bynes has been getting a lot of heat recently for what she's been saying on Twitter -- specifically using gay epithets and talking about "ugly" black people. But now she's found a kindred spirit who shares her exact feelings.

Just kidding. It's still her.

Yesterday, Amanda began retweeting a mysterious egg-avatar'd account named @persiannyc27:


"Barbie" has been tweeting since May 2, but nobody knew until Amanda called attention to her. What's she been saying? Stuff like this.


Sound familiar?

Besides their shared knack for calling people ugly, waxing nostalgic for true love and giving instructions to their followers, they have more common ground.

Using elementary reasoning one might assume that Persiannyc27 might be, oh, 27 years old and, perhaps, living in NYC. You know, just like Amanda. As for the Persian part -- maybe she really just appreciates Farsi. (It should also be mentioned that Amanda was Barbie's first follower.)

This should be of concern to everyone because:

  1. Amanda could be using a separate Twitter account to avoid accountability for what she says.
  2. There's talk of stabbing people's faces on said secondary account.
  3. The Barbie account flat-out admits to hearing voices.

This, purely hypothetically, could account for the bizarre cycle of insulting tweets Amanda sent and then deleted along with claims she was hacked. Or why she denies being in Buffalo, New York and owning a brown wig when both are provably true.

Maybe Amanda Bynes doesn't own a brown wig. Maybe Barbie does.

By now you should pick up on what we're suggesting: Clearly Amanda has an identical twin who learned all those dance moves for 'Hairspray' because Amanda's not very good at it. She then later called that person an impostor to avoid suspicion.

Barbie Bynes could be Nickelodeon's best kept secret (right after Dora the Explorer's documentation). And as scary as this development is, there's not much anyone can do. But Amanda does follow Barack Obama, so maybe he can step in and sort this all out. (No drones, though.)

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