There are reports that might buy certain Toys R Us stores now that all of them will be closing. Will this move impact your CNY Toys R Us?

Irony is defined as "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result." Without a doubt, Amazon buying Toys R Us stores would be ironic. The very online store that contributed to the demise of brick and mortar Toys R Us buying Toys R Us so a brick and mortar Amazon can compete with other brick and mortar retailers like Walmart and Target. Like, what? 

alexa amazon echo dot

According to, Amazon wouldn't be interested in maintaining the Toys R Us brand - instead the online retailing giant would operate the stores as brick and mortar Amazon stores. is heralding the move as "genius" suggesting it would allow Amazon to get products to consumers even more quickly and strengthen Amazon's relationship with consumers and communities.

There are 700 soon-to-be-empty Toys R Us locations in the US - Amazon would likely pick the very best to buy. Neither company has confirmed any potential deal between the two.

Would you like to see an Amazon store where Toys R Us is now? 




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