I always knew Ryan Murphy would bring about the end of the world. And the end is coming in good ol’ American Horror Story fashion.

The much-anticipated eighth season of the FX horror anthology series has finally gotten an official subtitle, and it’s pretty eerie. American Horror Story: Apocalypse will be the next season, a crossover between debut season Murder House and the witchy third year of the show, CovenFX announced the title during a live-streamed event at San Diego Comic-Con late Thursday night, and they dropped the very first art online shortly after:

Not creepy enough for you? How about a creepy finger in the baby’s mouth? Coming right up!

So what does it all mean? Well you see that creepy hand in serious need of nail clippers? We’ve seen that before:


That’s from one of the promos for Season 6’s Roanoke. So who’s hand is it? The Antichrist, of course, also known as Michael Langdon, aka Constance Langdon’s grandson, aka Vivien Harmon and Tate Langdon’s baby.

A while back, Murphy said the crossover season would involve a Murder House character (ahem!) entering Miss Robichaux Academy from Coven, the New Orleans school for young witches. The popular theory is that someone is Michael, a young individual with supernatural abilities. If the new season is set in the present-day, Michael would be about 9 years old now. We know all the witches of Coven are being called back as well, including Emma Roberts. The new season will also star regulars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates, along with Cult‘s Billy Eichner. The rest is unknown, but with a title like Apocalypse I have a few questions:

  • Will Oscar Isaac be in it?
  • Will Paulson actually play 18 characters? If it’s any less I will riot.
  • Is Jessica Lange returning? Because if not I will also riot.
  • Is this going to be the end of American Horror Story? Back in 2015, one fan on reddit predicted the very idea of an apocalypse season, theorizing that every previous year was leading up to one final climactic end. It sure sounds like Murphy’s been reading reddit theories.

Hopefully we’ll learn new details soon. American Horror Story: Apocalypse is set to premiere earlier than usual this fall, arriving on FX on September 12.

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