Partridges in pear trees are for the birds — this holiday season, consider that the most beautiful gift of all is the comfortable isolation of a good ol’ television binge.

In 2018, and between dramas, comedies and the inimitable fierceness of Pose, TV proved it was willing to take risks more readily than ever before — and the effort paid off in dividends. Between the eerie Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the second season of the Will & Grace reboot — which finally found its footing — and the intrigue of the latest, gripping installment of American Crime Story, cable and streaming both made it clear that the golden age of television remains alive and well.

(Sadly, we can’t say the same for every character on The Americans.)

Below, PopCrush has strung together its favorite TV shows of 2018, which should keep you suitably occupied until the New Year’s Eve ball drops.

Check out all of our choices, tell us what you think and if there’s a show you couldn’t stop watching over the past 12 months, share it in the comments below!

Best TV Shows of 2018

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