Imagine the horror...


You wake up from a deep, gorgeous sleep without an alarm. The only reason, you woke without an alarm is because your alarm didn't go off.


But you're just waking up. The information that your alarm didn't go off isn't quite registering.


Not yet.

Groggily, you pull your iPhone to your face, touching the screen gently for the screen to come alive in all of its 'way too bright for this time of morning' glory.


It doesn't.

You touch the screen again. Maybe the phone didn't feel your gentle caresses.


When you touch the screen again and again and again, and the phone light doesn't light- a mild panic starts to take over.


After many more panic-ed attempts to wake up your phone...

Your heart sinks.

Is my phone....dead???


You check all the things:

Is the phone plugged in? Yes, of course.

Does the plug work? Yes, it does.

You recall if there was any indication that the phone would die in the middle of the night after having worked perfectly the night before? Nothing comes to mind.


With no other modes of communication, you are now relegated to e-mail to let your boss know you'll be late and your partner know that you haven't been kidnapped.

And then you set about the journey of either getting your phone fixed or replacing your phone altogether. Recognizing that none of these things was on your 'To Do List' for the day.


You Google cell phone repair shops in the area--all of them seem to be "temporarily closed" for some reason.


Finally, after hours and hours of e-mail exclusive communique, borrowing co-workers phones and unhelpful calls to phone retailers-- you decide to do the most dreaded thing of all. File a claim with your phone provider insurance company.


Someone answers when you call. You're pleasant but reserved. You've been burned before. The person you're speaking with, after hearing your trouble (probably) for the fifty-eleventh time so far that day-- suggests you try the thing you had already been trying all day--again. It's an iPhone dance. The equivalent of the hokey pokey. Tap, tap, tap-hold for 15-20 seconds.


courtesy of apple
courtesy of Apple

You don't want to do this thing you've that you've already done a thousand times-- again. But you do it because you're desperate and any hope is better than none at all. He tells you to sink with the rhythm. Tap, Tap, Tap-hold for 15-20 seconds. You do it....


and when the flipping apple sign finally appears on what was a cold, onyx face of your phone for hours and hours and hours-- you nearly yelp in rejoice. Your "dead" phone has been revived. And now you can finally breathe.

The End.

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