Remember as a kid being taught to wash your hands with soap and water?  Scrub those hands until they're clean, right?  American adults are falling short when it's time to wash their hands in public bathrooms.  

American adults may be washing their hands in public bathrooms, but they're not doing it the right way.  62% of those surveyed by Bradley Corp. admit they don't use soap in a public bathroom.  Instead, they just rinse their hands with water.   29% say they sometimes don't wash their hands.  1% say they never wash their hands after using a public bathroom.  A different survey, done by personal hygiene company SCA, found that women are better than men at washing their hands in the bathroom.  33% of men say they don't wash their hands completely with soap and water in public bathrooms, compared to 20% of women who say that.  SCA's Amy Bellcourt says "men just aren't as good at washing their hands or as reliable in washing their hands as women are."   Perhaps this is the reason why.  65% of women surveyed called hand washing critical, compared to 53% of men who thought it was critical.  I've seen plenty of women in public bathrooms who don't wash their hands at all.  Shouldn't both sexes know better?  Yes.