Life is sweet for Derek Jeter.  Not only did he recently reach the milestone of 3000 career hits, he's also the most popular male athlete in America, according to a Harris Poll.

Football and basketball players dominate the top ten list.  Here it is:

2.  Peyton Manning

3.  Kobe Bryant

3.  (tie) Michael Jordan

5.  Tiger Woods

6.  Tom Brady

7.  Albert Pujols

7.  (tie) Hines Ward

9.  Derrick Rose

10.  Aaron Rodgers

As for the most popular women athletes in America, Serena Williams ranks first.  Tennis players  did really well on the list.  Here's the rest of the top ten:

2.  Venus Williams

3.  Danica Patrick

4.  Maria Sharapova

5.  Mia Hamm

6.  Anna Kournikova

7.  Martina Navratilova

7.  (tie)  Sue Bird

9.  Kerry Walsh

9.  (tie)  Michele Wie

Interesting that for the top male athletes, nobody from NASCAR made the cut.  That wasn't the case last year when Dale Earnhardt Jr. made the top ten.  Who are you favorite male and female athletes?

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