The Stanley has a new app that will let you order snacks right to your seat during shows and concerts. How do we feel about this?

UPDATE: We spoke to representatives of the Stanley who tell us that there will be no seat-side service for any Broadway shows. Only concerts, like Get the Led Out, will allow beverage service - and the only snack available for delivery is popcorn. The makes WAY more sense. 

Let me get this part out of the way: I love the Stanley. I love the shows, the concerts, everything. On the other hand, I loathe the sound of chewing. The current snack scenario means you can get your snack at the start of the show, or during intermission. During concerts, whenever you want.

Like running to the bathroom during a movie, getting a snack requires a calculation: is that pack of peanut M&Ms really worth missing a part of this show? That simple question is enough to minimize snackers. And let's be honest here: no one wants to hear me, you, or anyone else crinkling wrappers, chewing, or slurping during a show. And you're going to spill something - we know how you are.

At the movies, it's tolerable when you've paid $15 for a ticket - and popcorn is basically part of the movie going experience.

Can we really not get through a concert or play without eating something? A bottle of water? Okay. A snack? Come on. Plus, you're likely to have less tolerance for that Twizzler wrapper during a musical you paid $55 or more to see.

The Stanley is the most elegant venue we have in Utica. I totally get that the Stanley needs to find a way to raise revenue, and the new dinner service is a brilliant idea. Can we agree there will only be quiet snacks - donuts? Brownies?

According to WKTV, "The services will vary based on the type of show, where some may be better for pick-up, delivery may make more sense for others."

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