This has been a really tough time for small business owners - entrepreneurs who essentially put their livelihoods on the line to serve their communities. While we can't undo the financial damage of the past few months, we can support them moving forward.

There are so many small businesses - owned by friends and neighbors - that I've missed since this quarantine started. I miss sitting in my favorite booth at Daylight Donuts, I miss getting my hair done at Salon Moda. I miss Cafe Canole, and Bella Cucina. I miss every single small-shopping experience I took for granted before all this happened. I'm not the only one.

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In the last 24 hours, small business has been dealt yet another blow as Governor Cuomo and local officials spar over when Phase 2 gets underway. It all comes down to numbers and big old dose of politics.

It's on us now. Small businesses are literally fighting for survival right now. They've been working hard to put policies and practices into place to protect their employees and their customers. We need to do our part to support them by getting in there and spending money and by following those simple policies.

I know many of us want to sit in hairstylist's chairs with our glass of wine, mask-less, and relax. But we can't right now. We don't want to walk one-way down aisles, or have to use 'sanitizing stations' at work - but we will - even if it's not because we personally support these policies. We should do it because we support small business. 

As businesses reopen, this is where the rubber meets the road. Put on your mask, socially distance and keep your friends and neighbors in business by shopping and utilizing their services.

I'm ready to do my part. Are you?

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