Robert Channing grew up in Newport, New York and now resides in the Utica suburb of New Hartford. This Central New York based entertainer creates extreme action art and is a mentalist who auditioned for America's Got Talent recently. He stopped by the TSM studios yesterday for a round of interviews with our stations. Listen in as Robert chatted with morning man Mark Richards.

It was thrilling to to see Robert appear on this season's America's Got Talent promo (above). Did you stay up late Tuesday night (June 3rd, 2014) to see if he appeared on the latest episode? I did, and, no Robert...yet. Robert was not able to reveal anything about appearing on the show while we chatted with him Tuesday morning, other than the fact he auditioned. But if we keep watching the show, we can still hope that another local talent like Leon Etienne and Romy Low could be heading for their own Vegas show. Watch this.

If you haven't heard the interview from yesterday, Robert tells us about how he will dazzle audiences with his quick painting, amazing mind reading, and fun personality, at upcoming local events in our area.  Stay tuned.

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