Another of the $448 million Powerball winners has come forward.  Susan Nichel, from New Jersey, bought a ticket with her co-workers at an Ocean City vehicle maintenance facility.  As luck had it, they had the winning numbers.  Hope they don't mind sharing the wealth.The group of sixteen's winning lottery ticket is worth $88 million and according to CNN, they'll each get about $3.5 million after taxes.  Nichel is still in shock over the big win.

I'm still up in the clouds.  I can't even tell you.  I'm so excited.  My co-worker Elaine cam and shook me and said "We did win.

Three winning tickets for the $448 million Powerball jackpot were sold.  An electrical engineer from Minnesota came forward on Thursday with another of the winning tickets.  So far, the winner of the third Powerball ticket has yet to come forward.  Sadly, it's not me.

Sixty people work at the maintenance facility with Nichel, but only sixteen decided to put their money together to buy a ticket.  Can you imagine how those forty-four workers  are feeling right now?  Probably kicking themselves for not buying a ticket with their now millionaire co-workers!  Would've, could've, should've.