A popular teen and young adult clothing store has announced that they will be closing all their stores, not only in Central New York and throughout the state, but also across the country.

All 171 "Wet Seal" stores across the United States are closing. This includes the "Wet Seal" location at Destiny USA and the one at Crossgates Mall in Albany. According to Business Insider,

In a letter dated January 20 that was obtained by The Wall Street Journal, the apparel retailer notified employees working in the company's Irvine, California headquarters that the office was permanently shutting down and laying off all of its workers.

And they're not the only ones dealing with financial difficulties. Other stores have announced closings here in New York, including Kmart (which includes the Kmart in New Hartford), Gap, BabyGap, and GapKids closed their stores in Sangertown Mall, Macy's announced a bunch of store closings (fortunately, our CNY Macy's was not one of the locations closings), Hallmark Gold Crown closed in Destiny USA last year, and a handful of other stores have been having issues and have had to close down.

Wet Seal has been struggling for quite some time already. Back in 2015, they announced they were closing 338 of their stores across the country. The company also filed for bankruptcy protection, but none of that was enough to keep their doors open.




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