A chilling record has been set.  Antarctica has recorded the coldest temperature ever on earth.  How cold?  Colder than North Dakota, Siberia or Alaska. 

Here in Central New York, we're looking at temps in the low teens by tonight.  Think that's cold?  Yes, but compared to the temps in East Antarctica, the low teens will feel downright warm tonight.

USAToday reports that East Antarctica has set a record 135.8 degrees F, which is 93.2 degrees Celsius.  Doesn't matter which way you measure it, that's the kind of cold where it hurts to breathe.

Who was the unlucky person who had to endure this bone chilling cold to record the temperature?   Nobody.  Fortunately it was recorded by satellite back in August of 2010.  Because it was recorded by satellite, it won't be eligible for the Guinness Book of World Records.

In case you're curious, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the US was -80 degrees F.  It was recorded in 1971 in Alaska.

So I guess I won't complain too much about our cold forecast..... until tomorrow when windchills will make it feel like zero.

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