Each weekday I arrive at the radio station about 3:30...AM THAT IS!  I know...crazy right?!  It's usually a little too quiet at that hour but this morning I was surprised to meet an eight legged friend to keep me company. I met her while she was crawling the wall in my office. Why did she decide to befriend me? Here's what I head was full of cobwebs because I stayed up too late watching Monday Night Football. She must have known I was especially sleepy and didn't want me falling asleep at my desk or maybe she just wanted to wish me a Happy Halloween!

Either way I'm grateful to my new friend for hangin' out with me today. She couldn't have shown up at a better time and her silent arrival was smooth as silk. Perhaps if our mascot Tookey ever needs a day off, Char-Lite would be willing to fill in!

Oh, and yes the picture you see is the actual spider from this morning.



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