There nothing more exhilarating than a hike, exploring the trails and woods. One hike, just 90 minutes outside of Utica, reveals something a little more creepy than a scenic view.

Beechwood State Park is in Sodus. It runs along the shores of Lake Ontario. There's a 1.8 mile loop trail, that leads right to an abandoned Girl Scout Camp.

The camp was founded in 1928, and was used up until the 1990s, when finances forced the camp to close.

Credit: Adam Seitz/Instagram

As you wander into the woods, overgrown with trees and other greenery, you'll happen upon the old camp. The Town of Sodus talked about restoring the camp in 2016, but it looks like not much has been done. Maybe they should think about using it as a setting for a horror movie.

Credit: Adam Seitz/Instagram

Adam Seitz, an adventurer and photographer from Buffalo, says the trail is easy to find. "There's a few little parking lots that you can park at, then you walk about 100 feet to the start of the trail. There are gorgeous views of lake Ontario, places to kayak or fish if you wanted to."

Credit: Adam Seitz/Instagram

Adam says the trail leads right to the abandoned camp. "It does have some creepy vibes once you get to the abandoned tents, cause they're all slit open." Adam says he can imagine something bad happening there, if he lets his imagination run wild, but he say he doesn't think anything ever has.

Check out more great pictures of the camp on Adam's Instagram post:

If you're getting ready to explore Central New York, take the drive to Beechwood State Park of Wayne County and take in a little bit of creepiness while you explore.


Abandoned Girl Scout Camp

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