New York has legalized some forms of fireworks. How excited are you over this fact? As of today, June 1st, small fireworks will be legal to purchase in New York State. Governor Cuomo signed a bill that will allow small novelty items like Sparklers and Party Poppers to be sold during select time periods.

"I am pleased to see that New York State has modernized its laws on fireworks. The recent changes and acceptance by over 20 counties will put New York on par with 46 other states that allow for some sort of legal fireworks use. I think this has the potential to be a huge new revenue stream for the state and local counties” says Joe Speciale, President of Speciale Fireworks, Inc.

I've never thought of a Party Popper as a form of fireworks. I initially got very excited when I saw that New York was legalizing fireworks. Then I read the specific types that were going to be up for sale. My heart sunk...really? A Sparkler is considered fireworks? I was hoping for the legalization of Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles. I was playing with novelty type fireworks when I was ten years old.

Don't Party Poppers fall under same category as bang snaps? Anybody can buy those at the nearest Spencer's gifts. I think I'd rather listen to a bowl of Rice Krispies than light up a Sparkler. Ok, maybe I'm being a little tough on legislators but I have a good reason; last 4th of July, I got to light off legal and legitimate fireworks in Tennessee. It was a blast! Here's a video of what I got to shoot off.

Just Jen from Lite 98.7's 6:40 am segment is terrified of all fireworks. She also has small children and thinks New York's "legal" fireworks are safe for kids, and far from boring. I used to have a cap gun when I was a kid. Shooting that, was way more interesting than watching a Sparkler fizzle! Here’s this morning’s Just Jen segment.