Howe Caverns is ready to let tourists start spelunking in part of the cave that hasn't been seen in over 100 years! 

When I was a tour guide at Howe Caverns I remember part of my spiel was: "Welcome to the vestibule. The natural entrance to the cave is no longer opened to the public. It hasn't been explored in eighty-six years." While I was working there, tourists used to ask me: "what lies behind the dam doors?" My answer to the curious tourists was: "it's a mystery!"

According to WBNG:

"It hasn't been toured or seen by the public in more than 115 years, we could go down there but nobody else could so we thought the people are missing out on so much,” Bill Gallop, general manager of Howe Cavern, said. “This is the original entrance to Howe Caverns."

Now the mystery beyond the dam will be revealed to select Howe Caverns visitors:

Everyone who plans on going on the signature tour must have the proper equipment: a protective suit, boots, gloves and headgear.This is entirely different from the traditional Howe Caverns tour. This section of the cave doesn't have any lights or any walkways so you will have to be a little more adventurous in order to do this,” Guy Schiavone, tour manager of Howe Caverns, said.

The new "Signature Rock Discovery Tour" will be open to the public starting May 3!