Real life is mimicking that which takes place at McKinley High, as ‘Glee‘ stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith carried their onscreen romance over into real life. Are they ready to take the next step and live together full time? It sure looks like it, according to an insider.

The fact that the super cute Michele recently sprung for a modest yet adorable bungalow in Los Angeles sparked rumors that she would share the pad with her new man. Sources say that the singer/actress has invited Monteith to shack up with her at her new crib and that he accepted.

The Star reports (via AOL Music) that a source said, “Lea is telling everyone she’s never been more sure about anything” concerning her romance with her co-star, and that she asked Monteith to move in and wasn’t about to be rebuffed.

That and the fact that Monteith has been sharing a crib with three male roommates should be enough to get him to move in. Waking up next to Lea Michele is far more desirable of an option that crashing out on the couch with a bunch of dudes.