"No Parking Here To Corner." There are multiple signs lining the Village of Herkimer, but does anyone really know what those signs literally mean?

Whether or not the cars I spotted were in flagrant violation of the law is neither here nor there. However, navigating down the streets of Herkimer can be extremely tricky when there are cars parked on the side of the road. When I drive there, I often encounter traffic coming from the other direction.

This sometimes creates a problem; the parked cars on the side of the road make the street too narrow for both me and the oncoming vehicle to make it through without one of us having to pull over to allow the other to pass first.  Who has the right of way in this situation? If the cars weren't lined up along side of the road would this help alleviate the problem?

Matt Hubbell

There seems to be some confusion as to what the sign "No Parking Here To Corner" actually means. In all honesty, I'm not exactly sure what it means, and I wonder if the owners of these vehicles do either.

Matt Hubbell

The confusion over the actual meaning of this sign seems to run rampant. Someone posed this question on City Data.com:

Does anybody have information explaining what a sign "No parking here to corner" means?

I mean there is a sign between two corners. To which corner it refers?
Answer 1:   Well if there is no arrow I would assume it would be the whole block.


Answer 2:  For whole block it should be "No parking on this side of the street."


Answer3:  I believe it means the corner in the direction cars travel, so if you're parking in a northbound lane, from the sign, north, no parking.

I especially like what this guy had to say:

Make no assumptions. Parking tickets are revenue producers. Ambiguous signs make is easier to give out more tickets. It could mean any corner, driveway, curb cut or bend in the road.

The information I listed above is from the City of Chicago, but it’s safe to say that the sign "No Parking Here To Corner" has the same meaning everywhere. It's also apparent that many of us are equally as confused.

How about this guy, is he illegally parked?


Matt Hubbell

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