There are so many different options when it comes to picking a place to dine here in Central New York. What are you feeling like? Italian? Mediterranean? Fine dining? Casual? A diner?

Maybe you're looking to try somewhere you have never been before - or - you simply want a place that has incredible reviews. We've all had scenarios like that, but the reservation app Open Table makes it easy, and monthly they curate a list of the top 10 best overall restaurants by region.

Looking for the best overall restaurants in Central New York? You’re in the right place. Each month OpenTable analyzes more than 400,000 new diner reviews. We sort the results by category to help you discover new favorites. It's a great partnership: you reserve, eat, and review. We listen...and deliver the results for all to benefit. Enjoy!

Curious to what restaurants topped the list this past month? Here it is.

Diners' Choice: Best Overall Restaurants in Central New York

Photo by Cory Bjork on Unsplash
Photo by Cory Bjork on Unsplash
  1. Canal Side Inn - Little Falls, New York
  2. Motus - Utica, New York
  3. Ancora! - Utica, New York
  4. Daniella's Seafood and Pasta House - Syracuse, New York
  5. Taverna Banfi - Ithaca, New York
  6. A Mano Kitchen & Bar - Syracuse, New York
  7. Eden - Syracuse, New York
  8. Alteri's Restaurant - Clinton, New York
  9. Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse - Syracuse, New York
  10. Lemon Grass - Syracuse, New York
** Author's Note: This list was created by Open Table and does not reflect the views and opinions of the author.
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So -- what are your thoughts? Do you agree with this list? Have you been to the locations on this list? Let's chat about your favorite when you open our station app.

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