There's nothing like the look of joy on a child's face when they see fresh snow on Christmas morning. So what are the chances we'll see a White Christmas this year?

By now, most of Central New York has seen its first dusting of snow for the season. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, there's sure to be plenty more snow on the way. According to data from, pretty much all of upstate New York sits in the 60-75% range or higher for the historic probability of at least an inch of snow on Christmas. But that depends on what the actual forecast is for the 25th.

White Christmas Probability

As of now, the 90 day outlook is calling for about 40% chance of above normal temperatures. And it also shows us as having an equal chance for either above normal, normal or below normal precipitation. So there's no help there.

We're no stranger to winter, but some of us look forward to it more than others. If you fall in the "love it" category, you'll be excited to know there MIGHT be a chance for snow this weekend right through Monday. This will probably change a few times between now and then but hey, we can dream.


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