Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If you want to find out whether it's more than just a dream, check out the "White Christmas Calculator."

In Central New York, it's not quite Christmas if there isn't snow on the ground. Everything just looks more festive with a few inches of snow sparkling on the tree tops and on the roof of your neighbor's house, doesn't it?

Will we have a white Christmas?

If you want to know for "sure" just go to All you have to do is plug in your town, and voila, the odds of a snowy Christmas morning are calculated. 

Credit: Screen Grab
Credit: Screen Grab

As of today (November 14, 2018) the calculator says Utica has a 50% chance of a white Christmas, and so does Rome. 

What do you think? Are those good odds? Or would you prefer a Christmas without snow?

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